Staff Anyware is a staff scheduling software system optimizing staff allocation and reducing costs. Set up each department in your facility with its own shift schedules. Set up control that schedules staff with repeating patterns or let the Staff Anyware staff scheduling software fill gaps in the shift schedules by using basic control and preferences. Rotate employees between departments and shifts. Switch an employee's activity within a shift and edit the shift hours. Schedule employees manually or automatically with a combination of all these methods. Create Master schedules that can be easily copied from one period to the next with Staff Anyware employee scheduling software. Hospitals and nursing homes can automatically view variances between actual staffing levels and patient care census requirements when using the acuity module. The Staff Anyware staff scheduling software provides an overall staff management system. It tracks employee interviews and hiring, evaluations and terminations. Employee education is tracked and automatically entered into the employee's personnel file and schedule. There is a budget module to track employee wages. Complete reports and graphs are available for all aspects of the employee scheduling software system.  Export Personnel and Scheduling data to other programs. Use Staff Anyware's own email system to communicate with other users and also use it for personal reminders.  The staff scheduling software also provides a security module to control system access for each user.